The Celtic Songbook

ABC Classics 481 1981 Music of the Celts has always had a huge following, and this disc of 18 songs will find a large audience. Timeless melodies from Ireland, Scotland and Wales are performed by some of the leading musicians in Australia currently. Singers David Hobson, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Sarah Calderwood, Annalisa Kerrigan, Paul McMahon, … Read more

Bohemian Rhapsody: Choral Pop

Cantillation ABC 481 0120 Fifteen of the world’s favourite pop songs are assembled here in choral settings that retain all the excitement, verve and vivacity of the original songs. Of course, pop songs set for choir often do not succeed, but these arrangements (by Dan Walker, Sally Whitwell, Daryl Runswick, Ward Swingle and Roderick Williams) … Read more

Symphony of Australia: Ballads of the Bush. Gavin Lockley. ABC 476 3659

Australians seem to be forever on a quest to discover themselves. Australian identity is uppermost in our collective psyche. Gavin Lockley is a new voice in Australian composition, and in this two CD set, we have a symphonic work of large proportions which captures the history of Australia from the Dreamtime, through the arrival of … Read more