HSC Music Tutoring

With over 20 years teaching Senior Music in NSW Schools, Barry is a highly sought-after tutor for HSC Music. Specialising in Music 2, Barry can upskill students in Years 11 and 12 with content and examination skills for the Musicology and Aural Skills examinations. Throughout the learning, focus will be on:

  • Studied works (set by the regular class teacher)
  • Unstudied excerpts
  • Melodic dictation
  • Score Analysis
  • Short answer responses
  • Long answer responses covering works studied with emphasis on the Concepts of Music (Question 4)

Past papers with audio will also be utilized.

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About Barry Walmsley

Barry Walmsley

Barry Walmsley has enjoyed a multi-faceted career as a music educator, lecturer, arts journalist, music critic, pianist, vocal coach, conductor, adjudicator and administrator.