Lucy Schaufer: Carpentersville

ABC 481 0331 “You should never judge a book by its cover is the long held saying. So it is with this debut solo disc from the abundantly gifted American mezzo soprano, Lucy Schaufer, that it should not be judged by its uniquely home-spun style cover (a photo of Schaufer as a young girl complete … Read more

Blue Silence: Complete Works for String Quartet by Elena Kats-Chernin

Acacia Quartet 840-1202 (2 CD set) The music of Elena Kats-Chernin has immediate appeal for the 21st century as it grabs you by the throat and compels you to listen. It is edgy, striking, colourful, and rhythmically taut, with a momentum that is almost unceasing. This two CD set brings to the fore the composer’s … Read more

Chopin Sonatas: Duo and Solo

Daniel Herscovitch (piano); Elizabeth Neville (cello) Wirr 048 Producing a disc of Chopin music is perhaps a radical departure for Wirripang, which unashamedly promotes Australian composition, but it is a very worthwhile departure. Capturing the remarkable pianistic skills of Daniel Herscovitch in two Piano Sonatas (Op 35 No 2 and Op 58 No 3), as … Read more