Truth Seekers, Lovers and Warriors

Joseph Tawadros
ABC Classics 481 1632

Immediately captivating, this twelfth recording by the Egyptian-born Australian Oud player, Joseph Tawadros is another extraordinary exploration of styles, blending authentic Arabic instruments and idioms with those of the West.

Truth Seekers, Lovers & WarriorsThe unusual soundworld created here combines Oud, Accordian, Trombone, Piano, Req (tambourine) and Bendir (drum), the latter two played by Tawadros’ brother, James. Other musicians are James Crabb, James Greening, and Matt McMahon.

Composed by Joseph Tawadros, the music’s spontaneity shows a deep heart-felt connection to melody and rhythm (with all sorts of twists and turns), as he pulls all these elements into an array of outstanding pieces with a unique story to tell.

From Odd Tango, to the centerpiece, Truth Seeker Suite in A, and the elegiac Three Sketches of Gallipoli (Dawn, Dusk, and Remembrance) replete with its references to The Last Post at the opening, there is a strong beauty that unfolds.

Each player’s virtuosity comes to the fore throughout, resulting in a passionate display as melodies are thrown from one player to another, creating layer upon layer of an intricate musical tapestry. At other times, the reflective side of the musicians is shown, such as in Dream with Me, You Take Over, and House of Tomorrow. One Note Nostalgia, however, is an exercise in rhythmic and timbral discovery, with contrasts evolving throughout various registers and dynamic.

This is a recording that should be heard many times, as it continues to excite the aural palette with its ability to reveal new sounds with each playing. This recording is a real gift of artistry to the world.

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